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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013The photogalvanic effect within spin resonanse in quantizing magnetic fieldChernyshov, N. N.; Slipchenko, N. I.; Tsymbal, A. M.; Umyarov, K. T.; Lukianenko, V. L.
2012The Positional Structural-Weight Coding of the Binary View of TransformantsBarannik, V. V.; Krasnoruckiy, A.; Hahanova, A.
2016The possibilities for objective diagnostic of olfactory disturbanceНосова, Я. В.; Shushliapina, N.
2016The Pre-Processing of Images Technique for the Material Samples in the Study of Natural Polymer CompositesPutyatin, Y.; Mohammad, A.; Lyashenko, V.; Khan, A.
2011The problem of simulation of microwave travelling wave process plant for drying timberTsekhmistro, R. I.; Omarov, М. А.; Orekhova, S. D.
2009The Problem of Trojan Inclusions in Software and HardwareAdamov, A.; Saprykin, A.
2016The Problems and Perspectives of Megavoltage Photon Beam Radiotherapy in UkraineStarenkij, V. P.; Vasyliev, L. L.; Samofalov, I. O.
2011The Procedure of Enterprise Marketing DiagnosticsСоколова, Л. В.; Верясова, Г. М.
2009The Process Algebra Usage for Simulation PurposesOlishchuk, S.; Volk, M.
2016The Project of joint investigations of MM waves propagations for Ukrainian advanced 5G Communication Lines.Цопа, А. И.; Иванов, В. К.; Мелешенко, Р. А.; Павликов, Ю. И.; Руженцев, Н. В.; Зарудный, А. А.
2016The research Program of millimetric Radio waves attenuation characteristics on perspective communication lines of Ukraine.Цопа, А. И.; Иванов, В. К.; Леонидов, В. И.; Малешенко, Ю. И.; Павликов, В. В.; Руженцев, Н. В.; Зарудный, А. А.
2010The review of the software of the analysis and monitoring of the network trafficВолотка, В. С.; Костромицкий, А. И.
2001The scattering of plane electromagnetic waves from a cone with longitudinal slotsDoroshenko, V. A.; Kravchenko, V. F.
2013The service quality model of LTE technology downlinkAl-Dulaimi, A. M.
2013The specialized web-catalog of observation of thunderstorm activity on planets of the solar systemТкачев, В. Н.; Захаренко, В. В.; Милостная, К. Ю.
2017The stochastic model of quasi-stationary non-isothermal mode of transport and distribution of natural gas in the gas transportation systemsTevyashev, A.; Mamedova, A.; Iievlieva, S.; Frolov, V.
2017The study of blood smear as the analysis of images of various objectsLyashenko, V.; Babker, A.; Lyubchenko, V.
2015The study polarization control using the lc cells inside the resonator of a fiber femtosecond laserGnatenko, A. S.; Vasko, К. А.; Aleksieieva, K. D.
2016The System of Evaluation Criteria of Innovative and Investment Capacity of the EnterpriseПолозова, Т. В.; Стороженко, О. В.
2016The Usageof the Seo-Tools on the Stage of the Front-end Web DevelopmentGorielova, R. A.