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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014The use of atomic functions when restoring the image of the visual analyzer retina’s blood vessels of a manТокарев, В. В.; Семенець, В. В.; Наталуха, Ю. В.; Подпружников, П. М.
2018The Video Stream Encoding Method in Infocommunication SystemsБараннік, В. В.
2013Theoretical approaches to the determination of firm’s product competitivenessВерясова, Г. М.; Азундах, Р.
2013Theoretical studies of kinetics of photodinamic processes using semiconductor nanomaterials quantum dots as photosensiitizersBerezovska, I. V.; Rozhytskii, M. M.
2008Theoretical Study of Diffusion and Adsorption Inside Nano- and Mesoporous Active ParticlesKlymenko, O. V.
2011Theoretical Study of Optical Transition Matrix Elements in InGaN/GaN SQW Subject to Indium Surface SegregationKlymenko, M.; Shulika, O.; Sukhoivanov, I.
2017Theoretical study of plasmon excitation of a Drude metal nanowire coupled with optically dynamic shellStognii, N. P.; Sakhnenko, N. K.
2011Theoretical study of plasmon resonances in linear chain of silver nanowiresStognii, N. P.; Sakhnenko, N. K.
2012Theoretical study of symmetric and antysymmetric plasmons in chains of coupled plasma cylindersStognii, N. P.; Sakhnenko, N. K.
2008Theory and Applications of Constrained LinearPredictive (LP) modelsPresnjakov, I. N.; Nefedov, L. I.; Krivenko, S. A.; Stativka, A. P.
2016Theory and Proximity Fitts's Law in TypographyRadchenko, V. R.; Chebotarоva, I. В.
2018Theory of Natural Oscillatory Systems and Advance in NanoelectronicsГрицунов, А. В.; Бондаренко, И. Н.; Пащенко, А. Г.; Бабиченко, О. Ю.
2016Three-dimensional one-to-one pickup and delivery routing problem with loading constraintsGrebennik, I.; Lytvynenko, O.; Baranov, O.; Dupas, R.
2012TLM-модель процессора анализа логических отношенийХаханова, И. В.
2008Tools of the Computer Testing of Knowledge in Mathematical DiscipliShkil, A. S.; Naprasnsk, S. V.; Tsimbaluyk, E. S.; Garkusha, E. V.
2017Train arrangement in scheduling for rail-rail transshipment yardGrebennik, I.; Dupas, R.; Lytvynenko, O.; Urniaieva, I.
2018Trans-impedance Ampli er for ECL AnalyzerBani-Khaled, G.; Snizhko, D.; Muzyka, K.; Xu, G.
2012Transaction Level Model of Embedded Processor for Vector-Logical AnalysisAdamov, A.; Hahanova, I.; Obrizan, V.; Shcherbin, D.
2016Transient plasmons dynamics in metallic structuresStognii, N. P.; Sakhnenko, N. K.
2016Transient transformation of surface plasmon due to time variations in dielectric permittivity of nanowire environmentStognii, N. P.; Sakhnenko, N. K.