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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015Survey of major load balancing algorithms in distributed systemRadivilova, T.; Ivanisenko, I.
2016Synthesis of Alumina Fibre by Annealing Method Using Coir FibreKhan, A.; Mohammad, A.; Shirish, J.; Lyashenko, V.
2011Synthesis of Moore FSM with expanded of coding space for telecommunication systemsBarkalov, A. A.; Titarenko, L. A.; Hebda, O. P.
2012Synthesis of Qubit Models for Logic CircuitsZaychenko, S. A.; Gharibi, W.; Dahiri, F.; Hahanova, Yu. V.; Guz, O. A.; Ngene, C. U.; Adiele, S.
2009Synthesis of structured models of computer systems in medical diagnosisBilous, N.; Povoroznyuk, А.; Kozina, O.
2012System for Transmitting HDTV over IP Networks Using Open-Source SoftwareStarzak, M.; Zabierowski, W.; Napieralski, A.
2019System for two photon imaging of biosamplesAljebur, Ali Salman; Zholudov, Y. T.
2009System in Package. Diagnosis and Embedded RepairHahanov, Vladimir; Sushanov, Aleksey; Stepanova, Yulia; Gorobets, Alexander
2006System Level Methodology for Functional Verification SocAdamov, A.; Zaychenko, S.; Myroshnychenko, Y.; Lukashenko, O.
2017System Model Tooling For Injection MoldingSotnik, S.; Matarneh, R.; Lyashenko, V.
2015System spectral analysis of The fractal ultra-wideband signalsChernogor, L. F.; Kravchenko, S. G.; Lazorenko, O. V.; Karazin, V. N.
2007System Spectral Analysis of the SignalsChernogor, L. F.; Lazorenko, O. V.
2008System Spectral Analysis of the Ultrawideband SignalsChernogor, L. F.; Lazorenko, O. V.
2011System Supporting Planning and Management of Time and Cost of Projects Based on Java EE PlatformKubicz, S.; Nowak, P.; Wojter, M.; Komorowski, J.; Sakowicz, B.
2008Systemological bases of management consultingСоловйова, К. О.; Ельчанінов, Д. Б.; Бондаренко, М. Ф.
2010Systemological classification analysis in conceptual knowledge modelingДанилов, А. Д.; Соловйова, К. О.; Бондаренко, М. Ф.; Слипченко, Н. И.; Бобровская, В. В.
2007Systemological knowledge-based technology for solving complete ill-structured problemsСоловйова, К. О.; Ельчанінов, Д. Б.; Бондаренко, М. Ф.; Маторін, С. І.; Маторін, В. С.
2009Technical aspects for development laboratory base for learning FPGA and microcontroller systemsSemenets, V. V.; Семенець, В. В.
2018Technological Chain Modeling to Control the Quality of New Product ManufacturingСеменець, В. В.; Бескоровайний, В. В.; Шевченко, О.
2016Technological Process Identification Method for Accelerometers MEMSNevlyudov, I.; Yevsieiev, V.; Miliutina, S.; Bortnikova, V.