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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016Special transpositions of elements of permutations, their properties and application in vehicle routing problemsGrebennik, I. V.; Chernaya, O. S.; Urniaieva, I. A.; Sereda, Y. V.
2008Spectral Analysis in Problems of Electromagnetic Sources Detection an Multilayer Structures IdentificationSynyavskyy, A.; Antonyuk, V.; Lobur, M.; Klepfer, Y.
2012Spectral characteristics of coupled plasmonic modes in aggregates of plasma columnsStognii, N. P.; Sakhnenko, N. K.
2017Speech Recognition Systems: A Comparative ReviewMatarneh, R.; Maksymova, S.; Lyashenko, V.; Belova, N.
2013Stabilization of key frame descriptions with higher order Voronoi diagramMashtalir, S. V.; Mikhnova, O. D.
2017Stainless steel electrode for sensitive luminol electrochemiluminesceYuriy T. Zholudov, Shimeles Addisu Kitte, Wenyue Gao,Liming Qi, Anaclet Nsabimana, Zhongyuan Liu, and Guobao Xu
2017Stanisław Redens – Polak, czekista, szwagier StalinaЗолотарьов, В. А.
2008State Machines Synthesis and Implementation into FPGAs with Multiple Encoding of StatesBukowiec, A.; Barkalov, A. A.; Titarenko, L.
2009Statistical Properties of Spread Spectrum Signals Synchronization SystemTkalich, I. O.; Kharchenko, H. V.; Vdovychenko, Y. I.
2016Statistical Study of Bank Lending Efficiency in the Real Sector of the Economy of Ukraine within the Period of Years 2009 to 2012Mohammad, Ayaz; Kots, Grigorii; Lyashenko, Vyacheslav
2016Stochastic Frontier Analysis as a Tool for Evaluating the Effectiveness of Banks Lending To the Real Economic Sectors in UkraineBaranova, V. V.; Kots, G.; Matarneh, R.; Lyashenko, V.
2017Stochastic wave packets of natural oscillatory systemsГрицунов, А. В.; Бондаренко, И. Н.; Близнюк, И. Ю.
2018Strategies of Interaction with a Consumer Within the Marketing Product PolicyПолозова, Т. В.; Стоян, О. Ю.; Діденко, Є. В.; Стороженко, О. В.; Москвічова, О. С.
2009Structural Analysis Technique and Bad Synchronization StylesMelnik, D.; Lukashenko, O.
2014Structural method of describing the texture imagesBrytik, V. I.; Zhilina, O. Yu.; Kobziev, V. G.
2016Structured Language SQL Parametric Model DevelopmentIgor Nevlyudov, Vladyslav Yevsieiev, Svitlana Miliutina
2018Study into the resonator structures with microprobe sensing elementsБондаренко, И. Н.; Бородин, А. В.; Васильев, Ю. С.; Карнаушенко, В. П.
2017Study of Composite Materials for the Engineering using Wavelet Analysis and Image Processing TechnologyLyashenko, V.; Mohammad, A.; Kobylin, O.; Khan, A.
2018Study of the method for assessing atmospheric turbulence by the envelope of sodar signalsSheiko, S.
2017Study of Wavelet Methodology and Chaotic Behavior of Produced Particles in Different Phase Spaces of Relativistic Heavy Ion CollisionsMohammad, A.; Lyashenko, V.; Deineko, Z.; Baker, J.; Ahmad, S.