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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2009Testing and Verification of HDL-models for SoC componentsHahanova, I.; Hahanov, V.; Ngene, C. U.; Yves, T.
2008Testing Challenges of SOC Hardware-Software ComponentsHahanov, Vladimir; Obrizan, Volodimir; Miroshnichenko, Sergey; Gorobets, Alexander
2015Testing the speed of the FFT using the NVIDIA graphic cardsУльянов, О. М.; Плахов, М. С.; Шевцова, А. И.; Ульянова, О. О.; Скорик, А. А.; Ткачев, В. Н.
2016The advantages of using photonic crystal fibers in telecommunication systemsHaider Ali Muse
2006The analysis of creation perspectives of photonic crystal fiber componentsFilipenko, A.; Sychova, O.
2012The analysis of photonic crystal fibers opticalgeometrical properties and their impact on transfer parametersFilipenko, A.; Donskov, A.; Sychova, O.
2017The Concept of Building a Model of the National Blood Information SystemMuhamed, Saif Q.; Mohammed, Mohammed Q.; Thaker, Nayl; Chyrkova, Kateryna
2018The creation of an optical laboratory using modern optical applicationsГнатенко, О. С.; Обозна, В. П.
2018The development of science : post-non-classical, post-normal science or Mode 2?Dobrovolska, O. V.
2008The diagnostic model of computer system in the form of Petri NetKrivoulya, G.; Laptev, M.; Gharibi, Wajeb
2013The Effectiveness of Revenue Generation in the Evaluation System of the Tax Burden on Personal Income: Application of Stochastic Frontier Analysis Considers the Dynamics of Regional DataGluschenko, Victor; Lyashenko, Vyacheslav; Somova, Valentyna
2011The Efficiency Analysis of Collaborative Computer-Aided DesignLebedieva, O.; Matviykiv, O.; Lobur, M.
2012The Essentials of Testing Digital CircuitsNgene, Ch. U.
2014The Exciton Absorption Spectrum of KPbI3 Thin FilmsYunakova, O. N.; Miloslavsky, V. K.; Kovalenko, E. N.
2008The experience software-based desine of virtual medical intrascopy systems for simulation studyАврунін, О. Г.; Averyanova, L. A.; Golovenko, V.; Скляр, О. І.
2013The experimental research of magnetron output spectrum componentsChen, Xin; Nікіtеnkо, O. M.; Yevseev, P. M.
2016The Identification Method of the Photonic-Crystal Fiber Mode Field Diameter Maximum Position: Experimental ResearchesFilipenko, O.; Sychova, O.
2001The Idia of Monitoring Mass Population Bone System CheckupsAveryanova, L. A.; Golovenko, V. M.; Скляр, О. І.; Sharmazanova, E. P.
2015The Influence of Geometric Characteristis on a Bandwidth of the Photonic Crystal WaveguideFilipenko, O.; Donskov, O.; Chala, O.
2016The interaction of oscillations in Crossed-Field DevicesKuznichenko, V. V.; Nikitenko, O. M.; Volovenko, M. V.