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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2010Remote intelligent concentration measurement of gas dissolved in waterMachekhin, Yu. P.; Kuhtin, S. K.
2015Report on TRUST project impact on national levelGolovianko, M.
2004Reproducing kernel hilbert space methods for cad toolsChumachenko, S. V.; Khawar, Parvez; Gowher, Malik
2011Research and Development of Methods and Algorithms Non-hierarchical ClusteringStekh, Y.; Lobur, M.; Artsibasov, V.
2012Research and Development Solution Methodology of Informative Features Choosing for the RES Life Cycle Processes AnalysisNevlyudov, I. Sh.; Andrusevich, А. А.; Khatnyuk, I. S.
2008Research digital devices by means of modelling system on the basis of K-Value differential calculusDmitrienko, V. D.; Gladkikh, T. V.; Leonov, S. Yu.
2008Research in Digital Design and Test at Tallinn University of TechnologyRaimund, Ubar; Gert, Jervan; Artur, Jutman; Jaan, Raik; Peeter, Ellervee; Margus, Kruus
2015Research of Factors Influencing the Subchannel Allocation to Subscriber Stations in WiMAXЛемешко, О. В.; Hailan, Ahmad; Al-Janabi, Haider Dheyaa Kamil; Hojayev, Oraz
2014Research of Goal Coordination Method for Congestion Management on Telecommunication Network NodesSemenyaka, M.
2016Research of Influence Flow Characteristics to Network Routers Queues UtilizationLebedenko, T.; Ievdokymenko, M.; Ali Salem Ali
2016Research of the Flow-based Model of Hierarchical Multicast RoutingNevzorova, O.; Arous, K. M.; Ali Salem Ali
2016Research the possibilities of different filters and their application to image recognition problemsBrytik, V. I.; Grebinnik, O.; Kobziev, V.
2013Resonant Degenerate Crystal Made of Spheres Located in Magnetodielectric MediumKozar, A. I.
2017Resonant grating of magnetodielectric resonance nanospheresKozar, A. I.
2016Resonant irregular hybrid structuresБондаренко, И. Н.; Галич, А. В.
2015Results of Development of Model for Bandwidth Management in LTE Downlink with Resource Allocation Type 1Garkusha, S.; Al-Dulaimi, Aymen; Al-Janabi, H. D.
2015Results of Development of Tropospheric Communications SystemPopovskiy, V.; Loshakov, V.; Philipenko, O.; Martinchuk, A.; Drif, Abdenour
2011Rhinoseptoplasty, outcomes and perspectivesАврунін, О. Г.; Калашник, М. В.; Журавлев, А. С.
2002SCADA-системы в электроэнергетикеБондаренко, М. Ф.; Дударь, З. В.; Збитнева, М. В.
2000Scattering of the field of an electric dipole by a conic structure with longitudinal slotsDoroshenko, V. A.; Kravchenko, V. F.