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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018Model Of Syntactic Representation Of Aerophoto Images SegmentsБараннік, В. В.; Хаханова, А. В.; Шульгін, С.
2013Model to improve required qualities of transmission rate in wimax technology downlinkAl-Janabi, H. D.; Al-Dulaimi, A. M.; Abed, A. H.
2007Modeling computer system states on the structural level in the form of finite state machineKrivoulya, G.; Laptev, M.
2017Modeling of a procedure for unmasking the foxes during activities on the elimination of biosafety threats related to rabiesVysotskа, O.; Balym, Yu.; Georgiyants, M.; Pecherska, A.; Nosov, K.; Yu. Bespalov
2017Modeling of Dynamic Objects and Systems Using Petri Evaluation Networks in an Interactive EnvironmentIvanov, V.; Grebennik, I.
2000Modeling of electromagnetic scattering by a slot cone reflectorDoroshenko, V. A.
Mar-2019Modeling of energy-saving processes in the context of energy safety and securityПолозова, Т. В.; Мусієнко, В. О.; Стороженко, О. В.; Пересада, О. В.; Геселева, Н. В.
2012Modeling of Frequency Conversion in a Chain of Coupled Resonators due to Time Change in PermittivitySakhnenko, N.; Nerukh, A.
2010Modeling of transients in cylinder with time varying plasmaStogniy, N. P.; Sakhnenko, N. K.
2018Modeling the interaction of laser radiation with complex biological optical systemsГнатенко, О. С.; Кальна, О. О.
2014Modelling of influences of sensor reflection on the accuracy of a microwavev reflectometerKlyuchnyk, I. I.; Miroshnik, M. A.; Tsekhmistro, R. I.; Warsza, Z. L.; Zaichenko, O. B.
2012Modelling of transient plasmons dynamics in metallic cylindersSakhnenko, N. K.; Chipouline, A.; Nerukh, A. G.; Stognii, N. P.; Pertsch, T.
2014Models Aggregation in Electronic Devices Computer-Aided SystemsPrasol I.V
2010Models and Methods for Verification and Diagnosis of SoC HDL-codeHahanov, V.; Gharibi, W.; Litvinova, E.; Chumachenko, S.
2012Models for Embedded Repairing Logic BlocksHahanov, V. I.; Frolov, A.; Litvinova, E. I.; Tiecoura, Yves
2012Models for Quality Analysis of Computer StructuresMurad, Ali Abbas; Chumachenko, S. V.; Hahanova, A. V.; Gorobets, A. A.; Priymak, A.
2012Models for SoC Infrastructure of Radio Frequency Identification with Code-Division MultipleFilippenko, I. V.; Hahanova, I. V.; Filippenko, I. O.; Maksimov, M.; Chugurov, I. N.
2013Models of structural coherence in telecommunication systemsPopovsky, V. V.
2016Modern methods of olfactometry diagnosticНосова, Я. В.; Evstratov, N. D.; Аврунін, О. Г.
2008Modification of Elementary Operational Linear Chains in Compositional Control Unit with Code SharingBarkalov, A. A.; Titarenko, L. A.; Miroshkin, A. N.