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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018Methods for constructing system-wide parameters and keys for NTRU PRIME UKRAINE 5 – 7 stabvility levels. Product formGorbenko, I. D.; Kachko, O. G.; Gorbenko, Yu. I.; Stelnik, I. V.; Kandy, S. O.; Yesina, M. V.
2015Methods for contradictions detection in OpenFlow protocol specificationTkachova, O. B.; Abdulghafoor Raed Yahya
2015Methods of Control for Quality Parameters of the Proposed Sensor NetworkSaburova, S.; Kadatskaya, O.
2016Methods of Data Reduction for Augmented Reality AplicationsSmiian, K.; Kulishova, N.
2015Methods of Self-Diagnosing in Telecommunication NetworksVolotka, V.
2011Methods of Sound Data Compression –omparison of Different StandardsNowak, N.; Zabierowski, W.
2014Metrical evaluation of spatial content for segmentation­based image retrievalKagramanyan, A.; Mashtalir, V.; Shlyakhov, V.
2011Metrics of Vector Logic Algebra for Cyber SpaceHahanov, V.; Chumachenko, S.; Mostovaya, K.
2016Mexican Pink: Color Identity fop A NationMukhopadhyay, T. P.; Gurieva, N.; Fernanda, P. L. M.
2011Microsituation Concept in GMES Decision Support SystemsKuzemin, O.; Lyashenko, V.
2015Microsituations as part of the formalization of avalanche climate to avalanche-riskiness and avalanche-safety classes in the emergency situations separationAhmad, Mohammad Ayaz; Kuzemin, O.; Lyashenko, V.; Ahmad, N. Ameer
2014Microstrip resonant sensors for scanning microwave microscopyБондаренко, И. Н.; Галич, А. В.
1998Microwave multimeter for the high level power controlVolcov, V. M.; Bortnik, S. A.; Indina, O. B.; Ogui, A. V.
2017Millimeter-Range Radiometric System for Perspective Problems of Meteorology and TelecommunicationСальников, Д. С.; Цопа, А. И.; Павликов, В. В.; Собколов, А. Д.; Руженцев, Н. В.
2000MISC - компиляторПетросов, Д. А.; Цуканов, В. Ю.
2019Mobile info-communication systems and wireless 5G and 6G technologiesTresor, M. A.
2008Mobile X-band Direction FinderIvanchenko, I.; Ivanchenko, D.; Korol, A.; Popenko, N.; Rаdionov, S.
2015Mode locking in a fiber femtosecond laser using liquid crystal cellsGnatenko, A. S.; Vasko, К. А.
2019Model and Method for Detecting Request Signals in Identification Friend or Foe SystemsСвид, І. В.; Обод, І. І.; Мальцев, О. С.; Штих, І. А.; Заволодько, Г. Е.
2019Model and Method for Request Signals Processing of Secondary Surveillance RadarСвид, І. В.; Обод, І. І.; Мальцев, О. С.; Заволодько, Г. Е.; Штих, І. А.; Майстренко, Г. В.