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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019Method of Calculating Fourier Coefficients of Three Variable Functions Using TomogramЛитвин, О. М.; Литвин, О. Г.; Литвин, О. О.
2016Method of ciphergrams coding for increasing the effectiveness of technologies of selective cyber-protectionBarannik, V. V.; Barannik, D. V.; Hahanova, A. V.; Medvedev, D. O.; Strelbtskiy, M.
2013Method of Coding Bitmap Transformant to Improve Image Compression while Maintaining a Predetermined Quality Image to be Transmitted in Infocommunication Real Time SystemsKrasnorutskyi, A. А.; Hahanova, A. V.; Demedetskiy, A. O.
2008Method of Elimination Data Sources Conflicts in Information SystemLevykin, V.; Evlanov, M.
2016Method of encoding a video frame based on the identification vectors seal structural transformed spaceBarannik, V. V.; Tarasenko, D.
2015Method of expression of certain bacterial microflora mucosa olfactory areaАврунін, О. Г.; Носова, Я. В.; Shushlyapina, N. O.; Surtel, Wojciech; Burlibay, Aron; Zhassandykyzy, Maral
2013Method of Hand Movement Testing on Grafic TabletАврунін, О. Г.; Селіванова, К. Г.
2015Method of optimal balancing of message fragments number in secure multipath routingЄременко, О. С.
2011Method of solving the problem of finding hypothetically connected objectsChetverikov, G. G.; Vechirska, I. D.
2018Method to improve the quality of the local access point based on mixed polarization of MIMO antennaMasocha, S. M.; Martynchuk, A.
2019Method to improve the quality of the local access point based on mixed polarization of MIMO antennaMasocha, S. M.; Martynchuk, A.
2016Methodical Approach to Estimation of Effectiveness of the Radio Frequency Monitoring SystemКалюжний, М. М.; Задонський, А. І.; Ковшар, В. А.
2015Methodical Support of the Estimation of Financial Opportunities for Innovative-Investment Activity of the EnterpriseПолозова, Т. В.
2013Methodological support of the products competitiveness estimationВерясова, Г. М.
2018Methodology Modeling of Parts with Replaceable Hard Alloy Plates Types in the SolidWorks SystemLyashenko, V.; Sinelnikova, T.; Mohammad, A.
2015Methodology of Correlation Analysis in Solution of a Problem of Normalization of Projective Image TransformationsLyashenko, V.; Mohammad, A.; Lyubchenko, V.; Kobylin, O.
2017Methodology of Wavelets in Relativistic Heavy Ion Collisions in One Dimensional Phase Space (η-Space)Lyashenko, V.; Mohammad, A.; Deineko, Z.; Hashim, R.
2019Methods and means of evaluation usability of human-machine interfaceДемська, А. І.; Євсєєв, В. В.; Колесникова, Т. А.; Ткаченко, В. П.
2018Methods for constructing system-wide parameters and keys for NTRU PRIME UKRAINE 5 – 7 stabvility levels. Product formGorbenko, I. D.; Kachko, O. G.; Gorbenko, Yu. I.; Stelnik, I. V.; Kandy, S. O.; Yesina, M. V.
2015Methods for contradictions detection in OpenFlow protocol specificationTkachova, O. B.; Abdulghafoor Raed Yahya