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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012Models for Embedded Repairing Logic BlocksHahanov, V. I.; Frolov, A.; Litvinova, E. I.; Tiecoura, Yves
2012Models for Quality Analysis of Computer StructuresMurad, Ali Abbas; Chumachenko, S. V.; Hahanova, A. V.; Gorobets, A. A.; Priymak, A.
2012Models for SoC Infrastructure of Radio Frequency Identification with Code-Division MultipleFilippenko, I. V.; Hahanova, I. V.; Filippenko, I. O.; Maksimov, M.; Chugurov, I. N.
2013Models of structural coherence in telecommunication systemsPopovsky, V. V.
2016Modern methods of olfactometry diagnosticНосова, Я. В.; Evstratov, N. D.; Аврунін, О. Г.
2008Modification of Elementary Operational Linear Chains in Compositional Control Unit with Code SharingBarkalov, A. A.; Titarenko, L. A.; Miroshkin, A. N.
2010Modification of measurement theoryMachekhin, Yu. P.
2008Monitoring of Photonic-Crystal Fibers Positioning in the Connection ProcessFilipenko, A.; Sychova, O.
2011Morphological image normalization based on the method of sectionZroychikova, O.
2014MQT-автомат для анализа больших данныхХаханов, В. И.; Обризан, В. И.; Зайченко, С. А.; Хаханов, И. В.
2015Multi-criteria choice of the preferred type of mobile phone by the analytic hierarchy processBezruk, V. M.
2016Multi-criteria selection of optimum means of telecommunicationsBezruk, V. M.
2008Multi-version Digital Systems Evolved with Genetic Algorithms: Designing and Estimating Fault ToleranceKharchenko, V.; Yakymets, N.
2018Multiagent Approach for Managing the Information Space of Corporate SystemsФілатов, В. О.; Семенець, В. В.; Filatov, V; Semenets, V
2015Multicast Fast Re-Route Schemes for Multiflow CaseЛемешко, О. В.; Arus, K.
2016Multicriteria Decision Making in Problems of Modular Assembly Processes Design AutomationIgor Nevludov, Vladislav Yevsieiev, Svitlana Miliutina, Anastaciya Funkendorf
2011Multicriteria optimization in telecommunication networks planning, designing and controllingBezruk, V. M.; Bukhanko, O. M.
2008Multicriteria optimization of management of the packet switching networkБезрук, В. М.; Свид, І. В.; Корсун, І. В.
2015Multicriterial choice of telecommunications means using hierarchical analisis metodBezruk, V. M.
2014Multiflow Model for Routing and Policing Traffic in Infocommunication NetworkHassan, Mohammed Khodayer