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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015Methodical Support of the Estimation of Financial Opportunities for Innovative-Investment Activity of the EnterpriseПолозова, Т. В.
2013Methodological support of the products competitiveness estimationВерясова, Г. М.
2018Methodology Modeling of Parts with Replaceable Hard Alloy Plates Types in the SolidWorks SystemLyashenko, V.; Sinelnikova, T.; Mohammad Ayaz Ahmad
2015Methodology of Correlation Analysis in Solution of a Problem of Normalization of Projective Image TransformationsLyashenko, V.; Mohammad, A.; Lyubchenko, V.; Kobylin, O.
2017Methodology of Wavelets in Relativistic Heavy Ion Collisions in One Dimensional Phase Space (η-Space)Lyashenko, V.; Mohammad, A.; Deineko, Z.; Hashim, R.
2018Methods for constructing system-wide parameters and keys for NTRU PRIME UKRAINE 5 – 7 stabvility levels. Product formGorbenko, I. D.; Kachko, O. G.; Gorbenko, Yu. I.; Stelnik, I. V.; Kandy, S. O.; Yesina, M. V.
2015Methods for contradictions detection in OpenFlow protocol specificationTkachova, O. B.; Abdulghafoor Raed Yahya
2015Methods of Control for Quality Parameters of the Proposed Sensor NetworkSaburova, S.; Kadatskaya, O.
2016Methods of Data Reduction for Augmented Reality AplicationsSmiian, K.; Kulishova, N.
2015Methods of Self-Diagnosing in Telecommunication NetworksVolotka, V.
2015Methods of self-diagnosing in telecommunication networksВолотка, В. С.
2011Methods of Sound Data Compression –omparison of Different StandardsNowak, N.; Zabierowski, W.
2014Metrical evaluation of spatial content for segmentation­based image retrievalKagramanyan, A.; Mashtalir, V.; Shlyakhov, V.
2011Metrics of Vector Logic Algebra for Cyber SpaceHahanov, V.; Chumachenko, S.; Mostovaya, K.
2016Mexican Pink: Color Identity fop A NationMukhopadhyay, T. P.; Gurieva, N.; Fernanda, P. L. M.
2011Microsituation Concept in GMES Decision Support SystemsKuzemin, Olexandr; Lyashenko, Vyacheslav
2015Microsituations as part of the formalization of avalanche climate to avalanche-riskiness and avalanche-safety classes in the emergency situations separationAhmad, Mohammad Ayaz; Kuzemin, Olexandr; Lyashenko, Vyacheslav; Ahmad, N. Ameer
2014Microstrip resonant sensors for scanning microwave microscopyБондаренко, И. Н.; Галич, А. В.
1998Microwave multimeter for the high level power controlVolcov, V. M.; Bortnik, S. A.; Indina, O. B.; Ogui, A. V.
2017Millimeter-Range Radiometric System for Perspective Problems of Meteorology and TelecommunicationСальников, Д. С.; Цопа, А. И.; Павликов, В. В.; Собколов, А. Д.; Руженцев, Н. В.