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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011Innovative Data Collecting System of Services Provided by Medical LaboratoriesMigodzinski, A.; Ritter, R.; Kaminski, M.; Chlapinski, J.; Sakowicz, B.
2009Integer Linear Programming Models for the Problem of Covering a Polygonal Region by RectanglesScheithauer, G.; Stoyan, Yu.; Romanova, T.
2016Intellectual system architecture for medical data storage and processingТокарев, В. В.; Радченко, В. В.; Тарануха, О. А.; Рубан, И. В.
2011Intelligent Data Processing in Global Monitoring for Environment and SecurityBilous, N.; Bondarenko, M.; Borisenko, V.; Bugriy, A.; Ostroushko, A.; Kobzar, G.; Makivsky, D.
2017Intelligent Information System of Heterogeneous Medical Data AnalysisЄрохін, А. Л.; Турута, О. П.; Нечипоренко, А. С.; Бабій, А. С.
2018Intelligent Technologies of Functional Diagnosis and Modeling of Surgery Operations.Аврунін, О. Г.; Носова, Я. В.; Shushliapina, N. O.; Ibrahim Younouss, Abdelhamid
2017Interaction of the electromagnetic radiation with two-dimensional nonlinear photonic crystalYevtushenko, D. A.; Odarenko, E. N.
2017Interactive methods of the English language teaching in contemporary higher educationKuznetsova, H. S.
2012Interconnection Analysis of the Integral Reliability Characteristics of the Monoergative Computer System and User’s CompetencyKrivoulya, G.; Shkil, A.; Kucherenko, D.
2018Interference immunity of aircraft responders in secondary surveillance radarsСвид, І. В.; Обод, І. І.; Заволодько, Г. Е.; Мальцев, О. С.
2003Internet facilities for virtual and hands-on educational experimentsKalinin, V; Kazachkov, A; Novikov, V; Semenets, V; Семенець, В. В.
2012Internet of Things: A Practical Implementation based on a Wireless Sensor Network ApproachMercaldi, Michele; D’Oria, Andrea; Murru, Davide; Liang, Hai-Ning; Man, Ka Lok; Lim, Eng Gee; Hahanov, Vladimir; Mischenko, Alexander
2013Interrelations of banking sectors of European economies as reflected in separate indicators of the dynamics of their cash flows influencing the formation of the resource potential of banksDobrovolskaya, Irina; Lyashenko, Vyacheslav
2012Intraframe Images ’ Processing in Automatically Asteroids Search Program CoLiTecСаваневич, В. Е.; Кожухов, А. М.; Брюховецкий, А. Б.; Власенко, В. П.; Диков, Е. Н.; Иващенко, Ю. Н.; Еленин, Л. В.; Ткачев, В. Н.
2012Introduction to Adjustable Voltage-Range Current-Controlled Trapezoidal Waveform GeneratorsJankowski, M.
2014Investigation of the influence of generator signal higher order propagation components and ways of its compensating in the multiprobe microwave multimeterMiroshnik, M. A.; Kovalenko, M. A.; Zaichenko, O. B.
2014Investigation of a nanophotonic sensor with electrode modified by semiconductor quantum dotsSushko, O. A.; Rozhitskii, M. M.
2016Investigation of Multifractal Properties of Additive Data StreamKirichenko, L.; Ivanisenko, I.; Radivilova, T.
2016Investigation of multifractal properties of additive data streamRadivilova, T.; Ivanisenko, I.; Kirichenko, L.
2018Investigation of Photoelectric Converters Based on Different Semiconductor MaterialsНатарова, Ю. В.; Галат, А. Б.; Гнатенко, А. С.