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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013Mathematical simulation of self-similar network traffic with aimed parametersKirichenko, L.; Radivilova, T.
2017Mathematical support of the intelligent information system of assessing the object stateYakubovska, S.; Vysotska, O.; Timofeev, V.
2009Matrix Implementation of Moore FSM with Encoding of Collections of MicrooperationsBarkalov, A. A.; Titarenko, L.; Hebda, O. P.; Soldatov, K.
2014Matrix Manipulation Algorithms for Hasse Processor ImplementationHahanov, V.I.; Dahiri, F.
2017Medical online neuro-fuzzy diagnostics system with active learningBodyanskiy, Ye. V.; Perova, I.
2005Meler-Fock transformations in problems of wave diffraction on unclosed structures in the time regionDoroshenko, V. A.; Kravchenko, V. F.; Pustovoit, V. I.
2012MEMS Intellect Multiprobes Contacting Devices for Electrical Checking-up of Multilayers Commutative Boards and BGA/CSP Electronic ComponentsNevliudov, I. Sh.; Palagin, V. A.; Razumov-Frizjuk, E. A.; Zharikova, I. V.
2010Metastability Testing at FPGA Circuit Design using Propagation Time CharacterizationRogina, B. M.; Škoda, P.; Skala, K.; Michieli, I.
2014Method for Diagnosing SoC HDL-codeZaychenko, S.; Hahanov, V.; Varchenko, V.
2015Method for OpenFlow Protocol VerificationTkachova, O.; Saad, I.
2014Method for transfer of data with intermediate storageТкачев, В. Н.; Саваневич, В. Е.
2017Method of Balanced Shared Explicit Reservation for Multicast Routing in NetworkMersni, A.
2012Method of Binary Structures Compression on Basis of Cascade Encoding in Telecommunication SystemsBarannik, V. V.; Hahanova, A. V.
2016Method of ciphergrams coding for increasing the effectiveness of technologies of selective cyber-protectionBarannik, V. V.; Barannik, D. V.; Hahanova, A. V.; Medvedev, D. O.; Strelbtskiy, M.
2013Method of Coding Bitmap Transformant to Improve Image Compression while Maintaining a Predetermined Quality Image to be Transmitted in Infocommunication Real Time SystemsKrasnorutskyi, A. А.; Hahanova, A. V.; Demedetskiy, A. O.
2008Method of Elimination Data Sources Conflicts in Information SystemLevykin, V.; Evlanov, M.
2016Method of encoding a video frame based on the identification vectors seal structural transformed spaceBarannik, V. V.; Tarasenko, D.
2015Method of expression of certain bacterial microflora mucosa olfactory areaАврунін, О. Г.; Носова, Я. В.; Shushlyapina, Natalia; Surtel, Wojciech; Burlibay, Aron; Zhassandykyzy, Maral
2015Method of optimal balancing of message fragments number in secure multipath routingЄременко, О. С.
2011Method of solving the problem of finding hypothetically connected objectsChetverikov, G. G.; Vechirska, I. D.