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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018Industry 4.0: Experience of Eastern European Countries and Challengers for UkraineШейко, І. А.; Стороженко, О. В.
2011Influence of anomalous dispersion mirror properties on the quantum efficiency of InGaAs/GaAs resonant cavity photodetectorGryshchenko, S.; Demin, A.; Lysak, V.; Sukhoivanov, I.
2012Influence of construction parameters of crossed–field devices resonant structure on quality factorsChen, Xin; Nikitenko, O. M.
2014Influence of impurities on the absorption spectrum of thin Cs4PbI6 filmsYunakova, O. N.; Miloslavsky, V. K.; Kovalenko, E. N.; Kovalenko, V. V.
2013Influence of the environment on the coupled metal nanowire plasmon resonancesStognii, N. P.; Sakhnenko, N. P.
2011Information Security System Survivability Assessment MethodDudykevych, V.; Garas, I.
2016Information support model of production trunsfusion processesMikhnova, A.; Mikhnov, D.; Chyrkova, K.
2017Information technology in foreign language teachingКузнецова, Г. С.
2016Information technology of software architecture structural synthesis of information systemChainikov, S.; Solodovnikov, A.
2018Informational and Structural - Parametric Models of Inductions MicromotorsMohammad Ayaz Ahmad; Sotnik, S.; Belova, N.; Lyashenko, V.
2011Infrastructure for Testing and Diagnosing Multimedia DevicesHahanov, Vladimir; Mostova, Karyna; Paschenko, Oleksandr
2018Innovation Activity in Ukraine: problems, achievements and further developmentШейко, І. А.; Стороженко, О. В.
2011Innovative Data Collecting System of Services Provided by Medical LaboratoriesMigodzinski, A.; Ritter, R.; Kaminski, M.; Chlapinski, J.; Sakowicz, B.
2009Integer Linear Programming Models for the Problem of Covering a Polygonal Region by RectanglesScheithauer, G.; Stoyan, Yu.; Romanova, T.
2016Intellectual system architecture for medical data storage and processingТокарев, В. В.; Радченко, В. В.; Тарануха, О. А.; Рубан, И. В.
2011Intelligent Data Processing in Global Monitoring for Environment and SecurityBilous, N.; Bondarenko, M.; Borisenko, V.; Bugriy, A.; Ostroushko, A.; Kobzar, G.; Makivsky, D.
2017Intelligent Information System of Heterogeneous Medical Data AnalysisЄрохін, А. Л.; Турута, О. П.; Нечипоренко, А. С.; Бабій, А. С.
2018Intelligent Technologies of Functional Diagnosis and Modeling of Surgery Operations.Аврунін, О. Г.; Носова, Я. В.; Shushliapina, N. O.; Ibrahim Younouss, Abdelhamid
2017Interactive methods of the English language teaching in contemporary higher educationKuznetsova, H. S.
2012Interconnection Analysis of the Integral Reliability Characteristics of the Monoergative Computer System and User’s CompetencyKrivoulya, G.; Shkil, A.; Kucherenko, D.