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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012Higher Order Propagation Modes Error and Its CompensationZaichenko, O. B.; Klyuchnik, I. I.; Martynenko, L. G.
2016Hurst Exponent as a Part of Wavelet Decomposition Coefficients to Measure Long-term Memory Time Series Based on Multiresolution AnalysisLyashenko, V.; Matarneh, R.; Baranova, V. V.; Deineko, Z.
2015Hybrid method of self-organization of wireless sensor and actuator networksВласова, В. А.
2014Hybrid plasmons in assemblies of coupled metal nanowiresStognii, N. P.; Sakhnenko, N. K.
2012Hybridization of plasmons in coupled nanowiresSakhnenko, N. K.; Stognii, N. P.
2017Identification of preferences in decision support systemsBeskorovainyi, V.; Berezovskyi, H.
2017Image Construction to Automation of ProjectiveTechniques for Psychophysiological AnalysisPavlova Natalia, Avrunin Oleg
2011Image normalization based on methods of mathematical morphology and hexagon samplingGinzburg, M.
2016Image Processing a New Era in the Study of Natural Polymer CompositesLyashenko, V.; Mohammad, A.; Lyubchenko, V.; Kobylin, O.; Khan, A.
2018Image processing for semi-automated microscopic analysis of ice recrystallization process during isothermal annealingPrykhodko, M. V.; Тимкович, М. Ю.; Аврунін, О. Г.; Mutsenko, V. V.; Gryshkov, O.; Glasmacher, B.
2018Image Processing of Panoramic Dental X-Ray ImagesBaabd, A.; Tymkovich, M. Y,; Аврунін, О. Г.
2018Image-series analysis for recrystallization process evaluationАврунін, О. Г.; Тимкович, М. Ю.; Tymkovych, M.; Gryshkov, O.; Glasmacher, B.
2016Impact Analysis of Beam-Hardening CT-Artefacts in Radiotherapy planningStarenkij, V. P.; Vasyliev, L. L.; Samofalov, I. O.; Trofymov, A. V.
2011Impact of random variations of air hole diameters and random variations of the centers position of air holes on operation parameters of a solid core microstructured optical fiberДонсков, О. М.; Филипенко, О. І.
2017Implementation of Communication Phase of Data Exchange Protocol Prototype between IDPSsЄременко, О. С.; Persikov, A.
2015Improvement of EIGRP protocol routing algorithm based on information security metricsСнегуров, А. В.; Чакрян, В. Х.
2015Improvement of EIGRP Protocol Routing Algorithm with the Consideration of Information Security Risk ParametersSnihurov, A.; Chakrian, V.
2015Improvement of Multipath Routing Flow-based Models for Different Paths ClassesЄременко, О. С.; Tariki, N.; Abdulwahd, Mohanad Najm
2008Improvement of the method for optimal s-boxes generationRodinko, M. Yu.; Oliynykov, R. V.; Hrinenko, T. O.
2019Improvement quality of remote video surveillance by using the cloud CCTV technologyAraji, I.; Martynchuk, O.