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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017Forms of the implementation of law-making process in the activities of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of UkraineSlinko, D.V.; Слинько, Д. В.
2016Formulating and Solving Problem of Priority Subchannel Allocation in Downlink WiMAXAl-Janabi, H. D.; Al-Janabi, H. D.; Hojayev, O. M.
2015Fractal analysis of The fractal ultra-wideband signalsChernogor, L. F.; Lazorenko, O. V.; Onishchenko, A. A.; Karazin, V. N.
2017Fractal time series analysis of social network activitiesKirichenko, L.; Radivilova, T.; Vitalyi, B.
2017Fractional-rational representation of the frequency spectrum of the scattered field for a Drude-metal nanowire resonating on localized surface plasmonsAndreev, M. V.; Drobakhin, O. O.; Stognii, N. P.; Sakhnenko, N. K.
2015Functional Management Model in Peer-to-Peer NetworksPopovsky, V.; Popovska, K.
2017Fuzzy Clustering Data Arrays with Omitted ObservationsЖенбинг, Х.; Бодянский, Е. В.; Тыщенко, А. К.; Ткачев, В. Н.
2014Fuzzy models presentation and realization by means of relational systemsFilatov, V.
2018General parameters for NTRU PRIME UKRAINE 5 – 7 stabvility levels calculationGorbenko, I. D.; Alekseychuk, A. N.; Kachko, O. G.; Yesina, M. V.; Bobukh, V. A.; Kandy, S. O.; Ponomar, V. A.
2008General Testing Models of SOC Hardware Software ComponentsHahanov, V.; Litvinova, E.; Gharibi, W.
2018Generalized approach to Hurst exponent estimatingБулах, В. А.; Кіріченко, Л. О.; Радивилова, Т. А.
2018Generalized approach to Hurst exponent estimating by time seriesKirichenko, L.; Radivilova, T.; Bulakh, V.
2006Genertion UWB signal at energization of a helical antenna hige-current rebChumakov, V. I.; Balakirev, V. A.; Gorban, A. M.; Egorov, A. M.; Kantemirov, A. V.; Lonin, Yu. F.
2014Geoinformational analytic control system of the collection of municipal solid wasteTevyashev, A.; Matviienko, O.; Shiyan, O.
2019Globalization Processes: Ghallenges for UkraineШейко, І. А.; Петрова, Р. В.
2011Grid of optical frequencies in a near infra-red range spectrumLukin, K. A.; Machekhin, Yu. P.; Tatyanko, D. N.
2008Ground of Model for the Generalized Criterion Forming at Differential Diagnostics of Dermatological DiseasesBykh, Anatoly; Visotska, Elena; Kozina, Olga; Tikhonova, Anna; Porvan, Andrey; Zhook, Alexander
2019Hardware development of 2D force feedback device for virtual reality in medicineBa Waqash, A.; Sati, M.; Kostin, D. O.; Tymkovych, M. Y.
2018Head of institution of higher education – subject of labor lawFurlet, N. Ya.; Фурлет, Н. Я.
2016Heat and mass exchange analysis indoors.Єрохін, А. Л.; Зацеркляний, Г. А.