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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015Exciton absorption spectrum of Cs4PbCl6 thin filmsYunakova, O. N.; Miloslavsky, V. K.; Kovalenko, E. N.; Kovalenko, V. V.
2012Exciton Absorption Spectrum of Thin CsPbI3 and Cs4PbI6 FilmsYunakova, O. N.; Miloslavsky, V. K.; Kovalenko, E. N.
2019Experience of development and use of specialized software intended for automated analysis of alginate structuresGryshkov, O. P.; Tymkovych, M. Y.; Аврунін, О. Г.; Glasmacher, Birgit
2015Experiments with Fusion of Images with Use of Wavelet Transformation in Problems of the Text Information AnalysisLyashenko, V.; Mohammad, A.; Kobylin, O.
2008Experiments with the Linear Automata and Synthesis Test to ThemSperanskiy, D.
2014Expert evaluation model of the computer system diagnostic featuresKrivoulya, G.; Lipchansky, A.; Sheremet, Ye.; Shkil, A.; Kucherenko, D.
2010Explosion Magnetic GeneratorChumakov, V. I.; Stoliarchuk, O. V.; Koniakhin, H. F.
2017Expression of uncertainty in measurement of nonlinear dynamic variablesMachekhin, Yu.; Kurskoy, Yu.
2013Extended criterion for absence of fixed pointsKazymyrov, O.
2015External and Internal Threats in the Process Financial and Economic Monitoring Activity of EnterpriseПолозова, Т. В.; Халіна, В. М.
2016Factors Affecting the Quality of Pad PrintingTairov, V. V.
2017Fast medical diagnostics using autoassociative neuro-fuzzy memoryPerova, I.; Bodyanskiy, Ye. V.
2010Fast ray tracing algorithm for cloud slice visualizationBilous, N.; Ostroushko, A.; Shergin, V.
2016Fault-Tolerant IP Routing Flow-Based ModelЄременко, О. С.; Tariki, N.; Hailan, Ahmad M.
2016Features of communication protocols universal radiorelay-tropospheric systemsDrif, A.; Kassul, A.; Sokorchuk, I.P.; Loshakov, V.A.
2008Features of Decision Support’s Program at Choice of Tests Optimized Sequence for Semiconductors Memory DiagnosingRyabtsev, V. G.; Almadi, M. K.
2013Features of entropy analysis of measurement results in nonlinear dynamical systemsMachekhin, Yu. P.; Kurskoy, Yu. S.
2015Features of Equalization in LTE Technology with MIMO and SC-FDMALoshakov, V.; Abdourahaman, Ali
2019Features of medical image processingНосова, Я. В.; Tymkovych, M. Y.; Kovalova, A. A.; Jiao, Hаnkun; Shushliapina, N. O.
2008Features of parameters calculation for ntru algorithmGorbenko, I.; Kachko, O.; Pogrebnyak, K.