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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2008Diagnosis of SoC Memory Faulty Cells for Embedded RepairLitvinova, Eugenia; Hahanov, Vladimir; Krasnoyaruzhskaya, Karina; Galagan, Sergey
2012Diagnostic data storage and processing usig axeda platformКривуля, Г. Ф.; Сиревич, Е. Е.; Карасев, А. Л.
2014Diagnostics of Financial Ability of Innovation and Investment ProjectsПолозова, Т. В.
2015Dielectric and Electrical Characterization Study of Synthesized Alumina Fibre Reinforced Epoxy CompositesAlveera, Khan; Mohammad, Ayaz; Shirish, Joshi; Lyashenko, Vyacheslav
2017Dielectric parameters measurement with the aid of microwave multimeterMiroshnyk, A. M.; Zaichenko, O. B.; Rozhnova, T. G.
2006Diffraction of electromagnetic waves on an imperfectly conducting conical structure of a partial shapeDoroshenko, V. A.; Kravchenko, V. F.; Pustovoit, V. I.
2007Diffraction of the plane electromagnetic wave on the structure incorporating two coaxial unclosed conesDoroshenko, V. A.; Semenova, E. K.; Doroshenko, Ya. V.; Ruzhytskya, S. V.
2007Digital analysis of the non-linear ultrawideband processesChernogor, L. F.; Lazorenko, O. V.; Lazorenko, S. V.; Vishnivetsky, O. V.
2016Digital Image Processing Techniques for Detection and Diagnosis of Fish DiseasesLyubchenko, V.; Matarneh, R.; Kobylin, O.; Lyashenko, V.
2007Digital system for studying microcontrollers via internetShehovtsov, Boris; Bespalov, Anton; Galin, Dmitry
2014Discovering New Indicators for Botnet Traffic DetectionAdamov, A.; Hahanov, V.; Carlsson, A.
2000Discovering salient data features by composing and manipulating logical equationsSitnikov, D. E.; D'Cruz, B.; Sitnikova, P. E.
2000Distribution of electrostatic potential in crossed–field system with complex electrodes’ configurationNikitenko, O. M.
2001Distribution of electrostatic potential in crossed–field system with complex electrodes’ configurationNikitenko, O. M.
2010DRTLQ-модель для функциональной верификации цифровых систем на основе линейной темпоральной логикиЗайченко, С. А.; Чумаченко, С. В.
2015Dynamic balance research of protected systemsNaumeyko, I.; Alja'afreh, M.
2018Dynamic Bayesian Networks for State- and Action-Space Modelling in Reinforcement LearningЛеховицький, Д. І.; Ховрат, А. В.
2016Dynamic load balancing algorithm of distributed systemsRadivilova, T.; Ivanisenko, I.; Kirichenko, L.
2016Dynamic load balancing algorithm of distributed systemsIvanisenko, I.; Kirichenko, L.; Radivilova, T.
2016Dynamic Multipath QoS-Routing Modeling using Tensor ApproachЄременко, О. С.