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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018Development of a method for measurements of the parameters of the external magnetic field of technical meansДегтярьов, О. В.
2017Development of a model for determining the alignment of it-services of the information system with the end-user requirementsLevykin, Viktor; Iuriev, Ivan
2019Development of Automated System for Video IntermatoscopyАврунін, О. Г.; Klymenko, V.; Trubitcin, A.; Isaeva, O.
2011Development of Computer-Aided Thermal Procedures of Technical ObjectsFarmaga, I.; Marikutsa, U.; Wrobel, J.; Fabirovskyy, A.
2016Development of information technology of tasks distribution for GRID-systems using the GRASS simulation environmentФилимончук, Т. В.; Волк, М. А.; Рубан, И. В.; Ткачев, В. Н.
2016Development of method of CT image processing for the diagnosis of chronic sinusitisIbrahim Younouss Abdelhamid
2017Development of methods and models of complex of security technolo-gies for printing productsVovk, A.; Biziuk, А.; Tkachenko, V.
2018Development of methods for the analysis of functional requirements to an information system for consistency and illogicalityIevlanov, M.; Vasiltcova, N.; Panforova, I.
2019Development of natural models of human lungs by means of rapid prototypingJiao, Hankun; Perepelitsa, I. M.; Nakonecniy, I. M.; Nosova, Ya. V.; Tymkovych, M. Y.
2018Development of QoS Methods in the Information Networks with Fractal TrafficКіріченко, Л. О.; Радівілова, Т. А.; Daradkeh, Yousef Ibrahim
2015Development of Smart Infocommunication Networks for Intellectual Municipal ServicesKuzminykh, I.; Kabali, S.
2017Development of the descriptive binary model and its application for identification of clumps of toxic cyanobacteriaNosov, K.; Zholtkevych, G.; Georgiyants, M.; Vysotska, O.; Balym, Yu.; Porvan, A.
2018Development of the international medical research center on the estimation of the state of human health and its rejuvenationPavlov, SergiI; Zlepko, Sergii; Aldemar, W Wójcik; Korobov, AnatoliI; Аврунін, О. Г.; Vlasenko, Oleg
2015Development Results the Model Distribution of Troughputh in the WiMAX Mesh-NetworkHarkusha, S.; Harkusha, O.; Ievdokymenko, M.
2019Device for control human reactionWaleed, Mohammed Mousa; Скляр, О. І.
2010Device for removel of products of gas liberation from surface of aircraftChumakov, V. I.; Koniakhin, H.; Vereschahin, V.; Herasymchuk, K.
2011Diagnosis Infrastructure of Software-Hardware SystemsYves, T.; Hahanov, V.; Alnahhal, O.; Maksimov, M.; Shcherbin, D.; Yudin, D.
2008Diagnosis of SoC Memory Faulty Cells for Embedded RepairLitvinova, Eugenia; Hahanov, Vladimir; Krasnoyaruzhskaya, Karina; Galagan, Sergey
2012Diagnostic data storage and processing usig axeda platformКривуля, Г. Ф.; Сиревич, Е. Е.; Карасев, А. Л.
2014Diagnostics of Financial Ability of Innovation and Investment ProjectsПолозова, Т. В.