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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015About one problem of optimal stochastic control of the modes of operation of water mainsTevyashev, A.; Matviyenko, O.
2016Accelerometers production technological process decomposition parameters modelNevlydov, I.; Yevsieiev, V.; Miliutina, S.; Bortnikova, V.
2016Accelerometers Production Technological Process Decomposition Parameters ModelNevlydov, I.; Yevsieiev, V.; Miliutina, S.
2012Adaptive control signal parameters in LTE technology with MIMOLoshakov, V. A.; Al-Janabi, H. D.; Al-Zayadi, H. K.
2010Adaptive modulation of signals in MIMO channelsLoshakov, V. A.; Vadia, Z.
2011Adaptive Navigation Interface Powered by Evolutionary AlgorithmFilatov, T.; Popov, V.; Sakal, I.
2011Adjustable Output Voltage-Range and Slew-Rate Trapezoidal Waveform Generator with Harmonics-Reduction AbilityJankowski, M.
Dec-2017Aerodynamic Features of the Olfactory area in Nasal BreathingNosova Ya. V., Avrunin O. G., Shushliapina N. O., Ibrahim Younouss Abdelhamid
2009Algebra-Logical Repair Method for FPGA Logic BlocksHahanov, V.; Gharibi, W.; Guz, O.; Litvinova, E.
2009Algebra-Logical Repair Method for FPGA Logic BlocksHahanov, V.; Galagan, S.; Olchovoy, V.; Priymak, A.
2015Algorithmic Research and Application Using the Rayleigh MethodDrugarin, Cornelia Victoria Anghel; Ahmad, Mohammad Ayaz; Ahmad, N. Ameer; Lyashenko, Vyacheslav
2010All Control System for Forward Tracking DetectoPyataikina, M. I. Chernyshov, N. N.
2015An Analysis of SDN-OpenStack IntegrationTkachova, O.; Abdulghafoor Raed Yahya; Mohammed Jamal Salim
2014An introduction to Knowledge ComputingTerziyan, V.; Shevchenko, O.; Golovianko, M.
2013Analysis and Calculation of Multiservice Access Point PerformanceBisarev, Mark
2016Analysis Dynamics Change of Average Packet Delay on Telecommunication Network Router InterfaceLemeshko, O.; Yeremenko, O.
2012Analysis of data and real time traffic modelPopovskaya, K. O.
2015Analysis of Efficiency for Space-Time Processing of Signals from Subscriber Stations in Implementation of Space-Time Division Multiple AccessMоskalets, M.; Teplitskaya, S.
2014Analysis of Fast ReRoute Model For Multicast And Broadcast Flows in MPLS NetworkArous, K.M.; Romanyuk, A.A.; Korolyuk, N.A
2013Analysis of Features and Possibilities of Bank Functioning Efficiency Based on the Method of Stochastic FrontiersKuzemin, O.; Lyashenko, V.