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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2003A knowledge-oriented technology of system-objective analysis and modelling of business-systemsСоловйова, К. О.; Бондаренко, М. Ф.; Маторін, В. С.; Маторін, С. І.; Сліпченко, М. І.
2010A Low-Cost Optimal Time SIC Pair GeneratorVoyiatzis, I.; Efstathiou, C.; Antonopoulou, H.
2006A Mathematical Model of Multipath QoS-based Routing in Multiservice NetworksЛемешко, О. В.; Drobot, O.
2008A matrix electrodynamics as an analogue of the Heisenberg’s mechanicsGritsunov, A. V.
2008A Matrix Electrodynamics: A Similarity to the Heisenberg’s Mechanics?Gritsunov, A. V.; Veryovkina, A.
2006A method for association rule quality evaluation based on information theorySitnikov, D.; Titova, O.; Ryabov, O.
2013A method for building desktop software automated update systemsSitnikov, D.; Sitnikov, A.; Ryabov, O.
2009A method for finding minimal sets of features adequately describing discrete information objectsSitnikov, D.; Titova, O.; Romanenko, O.; Ryabov, O.
2002A method for knowledge representation and discovery based on composing and manipulating logical equationsSitnikov, D. E.; D'Cruz, B.; Sitnikova, P. E.
2013A Method for Prognosis of Primary Open-Angle GlaucomaVysotskaja, E.; Strashnenko, A.; Prasol, I.
2014A Method of Computer Testing of the Level of Development of Graphic SkillsАврунін, О. Г.; Selivanova, K.; Saied, H. F. I.
2010A Method of High-Level Synthesis and Verification with SystemC LanguageObrizan, V.
2015A multicriteria model for solving a real cutting layout problem in publishing industryGrebennik, I. V.; Grytsay, D. V.; Mishcheriakov, I. V.; Basto-Fernandes, V.; Yevseyeva, I. V.
2018A New Technology of Bactericidal Processing of Koch’s Bacillus on the Basis of Pulsed Electromagnetic RadiationChumakov, V. I.; Taranchuk, A.; Stetsiuk, V.; Stetsiuk, V.
2015A Queue Management Model On Router of Active NetworkЛемешко, О. В.; Ali Salem Ali; Simonenko, O.
2016A Queue Management Model on the Network Routers Using Optimal Flows AggregationLebedenko, T.; Simonenko, A. V.; Arif, Fouad Abdul Razzaq
2011A Security Model of Individual CyberspaceAdamov, A.; Hahanov, V.
2009A self-consistent potential formalism in the electrodynamicsGritsunov, A. V.
2018A single-electrode electrochemical system for multiplex electrochemiluminescence analysis based on a resistance induced potential difference†Gao, W.; Muzyka, K.; Ma, X.; Loua, B.; Xu, G.
2018A Steganographic Method Based On The Modification Of Regions Of The Image With Different SaturationБараннік, В. В.; Бекіров, А. Е.; Бараннік, Д. В.; Леках, А. А.