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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011A Diagnostic Model for Detecting Functional Violation in HDL-Code of System-on-ChipUmerah, Ngene Christopher; Hahanov, Vladimir
2011A Security Model of Individual CyberspaceAdamov, Alexander; Hahanov, Vladimir
2012A WSN Approach to Unmanned Aerial Surveillance of Traffic Anomalies: Some Challenges and Potential SolutionsAfolabi, David; Man, Ka Lok; Liang, Hai-Ning; Lim, Eng Gee; Shen, Zhun; Lei, Chi-Un; Krilavičius, Tomas; Yang, Yue; Cheng, Lixin; Hahanov, Vladimir; Yemelyanov, Igor
2009Coverage Method for FPGA Fault Logic Blocks by SparesHahanov, Vladimir; Litvinova, Eugenia; Gharibi, Wajeb; Guz, Olesya
2011Cybercomputer for Information Space AnalysisLitvinova, Eugenia; Hahanov, Vladimir; Gharibi, Wajeb; Park, Dong Won
2008Diagnosis of SoC Memory Faulty Cells for Embedded RepairLitvinova, Eugenia; Hahanov, Vladimir; Krasnoyaruzhskaya, Karina; Galagan, Sergey
2014Discovering New Indicators for Botnet Traffic DetectionAdamov, Alexander; Hahanov, Vladimir; Carlsson, Anders
2006HES-MV – A Method for Hardware Embedded SimulationHahanov, Vladimir; Krasovskaya, Anastasia; Boichuk, Maryna; Gorobets, Oleksandr
2006Hierarchical Analysis of Testability for SoCsKaminska, Maryna; Hahanov, Vladimir; Kulak, Elvira; Guz, Olesya
2006Hierarchical Systems Testing based on Boundary Scan TechnologiesHahanov, Vladimir; Melnik, Dmytro; Yeliseev, Vladimir; Hahanova, Anna
2011Infrastructure for Testing and Diagnosing Multimedia DevicesHahanov, Vladimir; Mostova, Karyna; Paschenko, Oleksandr
2012Internet of Things: A Practical Implementation based on a Wireless Sensor Network ApproachMercaldi, Michele; D’Oria, Andrea; Murru, Davide; Liang, Hai-Ning; Man, Ka Lok; Lim, Eng Gee; Hahanov, Vladimir; Mischenko, Alexander
2014Smart traffic light in terms of the Cognitive road traffic management system (CTMS) based on the Internet of ThingsMiz, Volodymyr; Hahanov, Vladimir
2011Spam Diagnosis Infrastructure for Individual CyberspaceHahanov, Vladimir; Mischenko, Aleksandr; Chumachenko, Svetlana; Hahanova, Anna; Priymak, Alexey
2006SUM IP Core Generator – Means for Verification of Models-Formulas for Series Summation in RKHSHahanov, Vladimir; Chumachenko, Svetlana; Skvortsova, Olga; Melnikova, Olga
2009System in Package. Diagnosis and Embedded RepairHahanov, Vladimir; Sushanov, Aleksey; Stepanova, Yulia; Gorobets, Alexander
2008Testing Challenges of SOC Hardware-Software ComponentsHahanov, Vladimir; Obrizan, Volodimir; Miroshnichenko, Sergey; Gorobets, Alexander
2008Vector-Logical Diagnosis Method for SOC FunctionalitiesHahanov, Vladimir; Guz, Olesya; Kulbakova, Natalya; Davydov, Maxim
2011Verification and Diagnosis of SoC HDL-codeHahanov, Vladimir; Park, Dong Won; Guz, Olesya; Galagan, Sergey; Priymak, Aleksey