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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
20122EE in Applications Supporting Business ManagementTrojanowski, M.; Zabierowski, W.; Napier, A.
20153D modeling, errors sources, internal map, optical detection, surgical navigation systemAvrunin, O.; Alkhorayef, M.; Saied, H. F. I.; Tymkovych, M.
20163D печать в процессе производства ювелирных изделийВовк, А. В.; Кузнецова, В. С.
20163D технологии в производстве ювелирных изделийВовк, А. В.; Кузнецова, В. С.
20173D-bioprinting system for fabrication of alginate microfibersAvakian A.
20163D-сканирование бюста человекаСилич, М. В.; Кулишова, Н. Е.
2011A Diagnostic Model for Detecting Functional Violation in HDL-Code of System-on-ChipUmerah, Ngene Christopher; Hahanov, Vladimir
2016A Few Ways to Solve Animation Problem with the Help of SVG and CSSNepochatov, V. Y.; Chebotarоva, I. В.
2010A Low-Cost Optimal Time SIC Pair GeneratorVoyiatzis, I.; Efstathiou, C.; Antonopoulou, H.
2006A Mathematical Model of Multipath QoS-based Routing in Multiservice NetworksLemeshko, О.; Drobot, O.
2013A Method for Prognosis of Primary Open-Angle GlaucomaVysotskaja, E.; Strashnenko, A.; Prasol, I.
2014A Method of Computer Testing of the Level of Development of Graphic SkillsAvrunin, Oleg; Selivanova, Karina; Saied, Husham Farouk Ismail
2010A Method of High-Level Synthesis and Verification with SystemC LanguageObrizan, V.
2015A multicriteria model for solving a real cutting layout problem in publishing industryGrebennik, I. V.; Grytsay, D. V.; Mishcheriakov, I. V.; Basto-Fernandes, V.; Yevseyeva, I. V.
2015A Queue Management Model On Router of Active NetworkLemeshko, O.; Ali Salem, Ali; Simonenko, O.
2016A Queue Management Model on the Network Routers Using Optimal Flows AggregationLebedenko, T.N.; Simonenko, A.V.; Arif, Fouad Abdul Razzaq
2011A Security Model of Individual CyberspaceAdamov, Alexander; Hahanov, Vladimir
2015A Study of New Cycloid Swing Link Speed Reducer by using Algorithmic DesignDrugarin, Cornelia Victoria Anghel; Ahmad, Mohammad Ayaz; Lyashenko, Vyacheslav
2013A Tensor Model of Multipath Routing Based on Multiple QoS MetricsLemeshko, O. V.; Yevseyeva, O. Yu.; Garkusha, S.
2012A WSN Approach to Unmanned Aerial Surveillance of Traffic Anomalies: Some Challenges and Potential SolutionsAfolabi, David; Man, Ka Lok; Liang, Hai-Ning; Lim, Eng Gee; Shen, Zhun; Lei, Chi-Un; Krilavičius, Tomas; Yang, Yue; Cheng, Lixin; Hahanov, Vladimir; Yemelyanov, Igor